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Minnesota Legislature Adjourns,


Governor Vetos Budgets


Governor Dayton vetoed the nine budget bills that were passed in the final days of Minnesota’s 2011 legislative session.  Among the vetoed legislation was the omnibus tax bill which included cuts to local government aid, a program which is vital to the Moorhead community.

Preserving the funding for local government aid has been on the top of The Chamber’s legislative agenda. Any reduction in local government aid would result in significantly higher property taxes for Minnesota residents and businesses. Governor Dayton has done the right thing by vetoing the Omnibus Tax Bill that included the LGA cuts.

The Legislature will be called back for a special session to resolve the $5 billion deficit or face a government shutdown in July. The Chamber is hopeful that the Legislature will return to pass a budget compromise that does not include reductions or the elimination of aid to local governments.

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